I am so excited to announce that I have made new friends over at SCF Nutrition. Founded by Morné Nagel a former world champion and national record holder, SCF Nutrition’s focus is sports performance and results without the worry of getting tested for illegal substances. Something that is absolutely fantastic as it’s very difficult to know what is inside the supplements millions of athletes take on a daily basis, and in a sport where competing clean is a serious hot subject, having that piece of mind goes a long way when preparing fro the new season..

Their manufacturing plant is one of two in the country that is SAHPRA recognized with a GMP (good manufacturing practices) in place. All products are specifically formulated to help any sports person getting results in whatever sport.

At SCF-nutrition they are all for living a healthy lifestyle, and therefore only creating formulations that are 100% backed by scientific research. All their products are manufactured and tested in a facility licenced and certified by the Medicines Control Council.

This is critical as they supply their supplements to some of South Africa’s best athletes including not just Springbok players but Olympic athletes such as Heinricho Bruintjies and Ruswahl Samaai. All these elite athletes have achieved amazing results and have maintained a standard and quality over multiple seasons fueled by SCF Nutrition supplements. That alone is a proper guarantee of the quality of the product they offer

I am a very active as you all know, so I burn through a lot of food but food isn’t all that effective when you need to recover faster and develop your body over a year, while putting it through almost daily torture. The average athlete can train up to 5-6 days a week and that can take its toll on your body. The use of safe supplements with substances that are legal is absolutely critical to ensure that you are healthy through the year.

I have always focused my diet around nutrition and then taking very few performance supplements, by limiting my intake to Whey Protein and Creatine, and taking health supplements like multivitamins and Omega 3.

Having a brand I can wholesale trust is such a relief and gives me a confidence boost knowing I will get the best nutrition and performance that is safe for my health.


For more on their great products and prices, visit them at SCF Nutrition. I will also be posting nutritional recipes and food plans using their Elite Whey and various other products. 

To keep up with them Visit their Website: https://www.scfnutrition.co.za/  

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