With Christmas around the corner, I would like to share a little something special from my friends over at Daniel Wellington. Yes, yes I am still out here pushing Daniel Wellington like a mixtape. So what? Get yours man! Spoil yourself girl! I try to share as much of what I receive to as many people as I can and this is my way of doing that. 

Daniel Wellington has been changing the game ever since they have entered the watch game and with the stiff competition in the market, given how many start-ups are delivering great products, they have managed to stand out and continue to strive year after year with amazing quality.

I got my first Daniel Wellington a few months ago and I had heard of them before but never really into them as I was with other brands. I first wore a Seiko mechanical, then got a Police watch as a gift which I liked for its colour but has a very big dial which I love to hate but enjoy to wear. When I got my Daniel Wellington it just fit right, and also having the ability to change from a traditional leather strap to something non-leather like my black Cornwall strap was nice. 

I am a casual person, and very active/sporty, so I use that Cornwall strap with a lot of my clothing choices as a daily driver. I always pair it with my silver and white bracelet which always turns heads everywhere I go. What I admire the most is the versatility of the watch because of its minimalist look and the variety of their range. It is not just for the men, which most of the watch market seems to cater for, ladies there is a lot to choose from with the petite range featuring amazing mesh straps that just levels you up. True confessions; I have straight up crushed on a woman wearing a Classic Petite Ashfield. I was already thinking wifey material lol. But that’s just me. What I am trying to emphasize is the impact the brand can have on someone.

If you are or have been having a rough year, I really believe you should spoil yourself this Christmas. Live a little and be happy with yourself.

Click on any of the pictures to get these amazing deals and i hope to see you wearing a Daniel Wellington very soon!