Coffee and tea are both beverages that people enjoy drinking especially upon waking. These two drinks have been used in social gatherings and even business meetings thus, making it quite difficult to decide which is the best.

Tea has been associated with a relaxation factor such as coming home from a long day at work, whereas coffee is a beverage which is much associated with keeping up with day to day events and this is because coffee has a higher percentage of caffeine than that which tea contains meaning that coffee boosts energy more than tea can.

However, too much caffeine can be really bad for one’s health as it can lead to a reduced concentration levels; so it’s best not to be drinking large quantities of it. Tea on the other hand has its own wonderful benefits, it may not be high in caffeine but it is however high in antioxidants. People often opt for green tea as it contains a really good amount of antioxidants, however it is said that it is actually the white tea that contains the most. Although this is also found in coffee, it is a much lower amount than what you will find in tea thus, making both beverages pretty beneficial if you ask me.

Because of all the benefits that both beverages have, for this reason it makes it difficult to conclude which one is in fact the best beverage.

Other factors where coffee and tea can be compared to each other is a good night’s sleep. Coffee drinkers often don’t take this into consideration when filling their systems with coffee after coffee throughout the day. It is important to get enough sleep to avoid being drained the next day and opting for coffee again and again until it becomes an addiction, is a bad idea whereas tea drinkers do not face this problem.

However, when we are looking to having a beautiful smile every day than tea is the beverage that you want to stay away from, yes coffee does this too but tea is an award winning teeth stainer this is because it contains several compounds that is known to stain teeth. The tannins which tea contains are commonly found in green tea and black tea which means drinking too much tea can be really harmful if you are looking to protect your teeth as high levels of these tannins will not falter when it comes to staining your pearly white teeth.

Again this still leaves us at a difficult place when deciding which is the best, is it the harmful energy boosting caffeine (coffee) or is it the tea staining antioxidant (tea)? In my view both beverages are pretty good I prefer both, for the different cycles in my life, however I do find myself mostly drinking tea. In conclusion this is based on your personal preference so which do you prefer?  

Written By Leoni Gallant