We have all heard the latest news about America and Huawei not being on good terms, however it may seem that things have just become even more worse for Huawei, the brand we all have been loving so much. Let’s find out why.

America has come to the conclusion that the Chinese Smartphones as well as their networking gear could possibly be pawns for the Chinese spies, but this is something that Huawei denies being a part of, however, the President of America Donald trump, still went ahead in making sure that the companies within America are not doing business with the Huawei brand and it is also said that Huawei is on the list which American companies cannot do business with unless they are given permission to do so, this could be a bad sign for Huawei because this means that they will no longer be supplied with any technology from America.

We may need a little more insight as to why Donald Trump would think this about one of the most popular cell phone brands we know.

It has been stated that Huawei’s hardware is putting America at risk for espionage, which could mean bad news for those who already own a Huawei smartphone as Android support has been cut off from any phone made by Huawei, The Chinese telecom giant. It is also said that this will impact the European users the most; as this will expose how the continent really relies on America and Chinese companies for internet services, apps etc.

This means that with all the drama going on with the brand, the American and Chinese customers will not be affected as much as the European customers as this is Huawei’s biggest target market.

Another reason why this has been a really bad look for Huawei is because company after company has started to withhold and suspend doing business with the brand.

Analysts have also stated that it would really be difficult for the company to bounce back from this fast as companies such as Vodafone are not offering their 5G services to their customers and customers who have already bought the Huawei phones will soon not be able to use or upgrade their apps since this is no longer an option. Customers will also find it difficult to purchase any device from the brand as we all pay for quality smartphones and if the device is not able to upgrade any apps it automatically just makes the phones useless in my opinion, meaning there will be a huge drop in the demand for the devices causing a loss made in sales of the product on hand, especially with its latest expensive phones that it has just launched such as the P30, mate and honor.

In my view, this would honestly be something to come back from seeing that this is the generation where social media is of importance and if a device cannot provide us with the latest app upgrades or if it doesn’t have the ability to have the app at all, I won’t purchase it at all.

Written By Leoni Gallant