When looking for the best skincare routine for sensitive skin it can be very difficult as you have to watch which products you have to use for your skin especially if it’s often rejecting most products by means of acne and blackhead breakouts, or even having an allergic reaction or drying out the skin.

The first step is to remove your make makeup before going to bed. Going to bed with makeup can cause some serious damage to your skin, this is because while you sleep the skin tends to renew itself and going to bed with makeup prevents this from happening. The skin wants to breathe and all the makeup does is clog the pores, thus, preventing that from happening which then causes acne and blackhead breakouts. So ensure that you remove your makeup before going to sleep to give it some relief.

The next step is finding good product to aid your skin to be the best that it can be. Finding a good cleanser that is beneficial to sensitive skin is important. We all know that there are many cleansers that are fragranced or contains harsh soaps and these are the type of cleansers to stay away from when you have sensitive skin. Finding a cleanser that not only fully removes makeup but that ensures to deeply clean your pores and never leaving your skin to feel harsh and dry is definitely one to go for. The proper cleansers will help your skin fight any challenges it may have on a daily basis. Ensure to rinse your face with warm water after cleansing.

Reducing Redness

Having sensitive skin, one of the struggles is dealing with irritation and redness and one of the things I have come to find that actually helps me with this problem is holding a cool to warm washcloth to my face after I have cleansed. When looking for products, ensure that you purchase products with anti-inflammatory properties as this will aid in the reduction of redness on your skin.

Face Scrubs/Exfoliation

For some people it may seem that using face scrubs on sensitive skin can be too harsh and cause the skin to be more irritated however, this is not true, it is very important to know that makeup, dirt and oil can lead to breakouts in the skin so making sure to exfoliate your skin at least once a week is good. Make sure that the scrub you plan to use contain vitamin B5 and vitamin E, also ensure to rinse your face with warm water when rinsing off the product.

Face Mask

Having sensitive skin, you need to be aware of the type of face masks you use this is because some of them can cause severe skin irritation. Make sure you take the ingredients into consideration. One thing to remember is that not all sensitive skin has the same problems, some people can experience dryness while others experience oiliness, redness and cystic acne. So make sure that you choose a face mask that caters to your skin type.


It is crucial for sensitive skin to get enough moisture especially with climate change, for example, in cold weather some people skin tends to get dry and feel harsh and in warm weathers some people’s skin tend to cause redness and acne breakouts. It is also good to use a moisturizer that contains a high SPF, your skin will definitely appreciate it as it protects it from the weather that’s also changing.      

Written By Leoni Gallant