Let’s go back to the basics. Not be advanced and discuss the finer details of athletic performance or fancy supplements and programs. Let’s get back to basics and simply talk health living.

Now it’s very easy to be in a very unhealthy state right now. January in South Africa is infamously referred to as being “3 Months long” so it’s easy to fall immediately into a cycle of depression or lose that new year new me motivation to keep hitting the gym to burn the christmas weight off.

This leads to not only a physical degradation of your self image but a mental one that is caused by coming down from the perpetual Christmas holiday high that we all wait for every year but passes by so quickly.

So what I would like to talk about keeping it basic and doing basic things to put you back on the right path of you have strayed, or keep you motivated if you have managed to hang in long enough to want to push on.


Exercise is fundamental to a healthy lifestyle because it helps maintain a healthy weight, keeps bones and muscles strong and maintains heart health. The types of exercise most suitable varies at different life stages, for example during pregnancy, and also for people with health conditions like heart disease or obesity. Now you don’t have to be on an advanced program, just a simple one like the one I posted last year. Small periodic exercises like a 30 sec plank even once a day can go such a long way in the Greater scheme of things. The more you keep punching in those quick short sessions the more you keep progressing as it gets easier and easier everyday. Just do a few push ups, sit ups or Squats. It’s only a few seconds trust me it’s enough.


Lifestyle has a remarkable influence on our health. It influences the health of every body organ, from the eyes to the reproductive system. By this what I intend to convey is that hey, instead of buying a R14 chocolate slab but a R11-12 of strawberries Or Litchi, Apple? It’s far cheaper and you get more value for less price. Instead of buying a normal coke, but a coke zero. Same great taste without the sugar! Small micro decisions like this add up in the long run, because you will be re-enforcing the habits of healthy eating and lifestyle almost passively because buying a cheap pack of apples is less dramatic than buying a basket full of vegetables you don’t even like and having to cook and eat them.


Keeping the family healthy can be a challenge. Creating a healthy, happy lifestyle with good nutrition, physical activity, love and support is essential for good family health. For the best possible family health, get them involved. Even in the smallest way. All families are different I know. But even the most stubborn of families can be swayed. For example have someone in your family remind you once a day to eat your daily apple. What does that do?

It creates the habit of eating an apple once day for you and subconsciously that family member may just start craving an apple a day because they are constantly remembering to remind you of eating an apple. Next thing you know, you are eating apples with at least one family member and that first step to a healthy lifestyle has been taken.

Mental Health

Mental health is about keeping the mind healthy and happy. Medical conditions like schizophrenia can have a negative impact on the mind, but daily life events that cause stress, anxiety or sadness cause many mental health problems. I know there is a general stigma about mental health (Thanks to basically every horror movie with a mental institution involved) but being depressed is a mental sickness much like a fever or flu. It can be cured through medicine or just relaxing and working through what caused it. The key to maintaining a healthy mental state starts with not just perpetually forcing yourself to be positive that’s not a good way to go about it as I very much explain it in my most recent post It’s ok to cry.

You need to acknowledge your feelings and emotions before you can start looking at being positive. Emotional avoidance is not the answer. Face your feelings! Address them as much as you can before moving on. Because the impact of putting it aside will come back at you later. I understand that not every home is perfect and there are broken families all over the country and family situations which are a daily exercise in both emotional and physical abuse. What can be done in those circumstances is finding something that you can express yourself with. Something as simple as a workbook and a pen can go a long way, write either your current emotions and what hurts you so much. Or if that’s not your cup of tea and you fear the wrong eyes may see it and make things worse. Immerse yourself in a fantasy story of your choosing make up a world you can escape to and write about that. You will probably, actually most likely end up writing a novel and that’s something that can be monetized by being sold of posted on as many blogs or bloggers as you can find adding a postive step in your path. And the mental relief you get from letting your mind wander away and convert that energy into something positive is worthwhile.


I know I am repeating myself a little here but the process of eating and nourishing the body with food, has a remarkable influence on one’s health duh!. It’s important to eat a wide range of healthy foods, but also to avoid unhealthy foods, to ensure the body stays healthy and to avoid health conditions like diabetes, and obesity.

Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational health and safety or staying healthy at work covers everything from avoiding exposures to chemicals and infectious diseases, to balancing work life and parenting responsibilities (If you have kids). Staying healthy not just home but at work is an important component of every healthy lifestyle.


Sleep is essential for the mind and body, however many things can get in the way of a good night’s sleep. Whether you’re staying up at night because of stress, or jet lag, it’s important to practice good sleep hygiene and establish good sleeping patterns.

Well that’s it for now. I hope this brief insight has been enough to atleast get the ball rolling. Have an awesome weekend!