That’s my thought of the day. Honestly it’s better than doing nothing. Rather do something that takes up your time in a constructive way, than sit and procrastinate. You are not always going to want to do what you have to do. Or what’s important, but rather do it and get over it than let is sit and frustrate you all day. 

Being lazy and wanting to do nothing are two different things. If you want to do something and you are lazy. You are likely to find the easiest and most convenient way to DO IT. Whereas if you simply don’t want to do it at all. You will find and make excuses instead of taking some kind of action.  

People blurr lazy with flat out “not wanting” to do something. We don’t all want to do most of the important things in our day to day lives. But we do them anyway. We try and those brave enough look to fail and learn and get up everyday. Yes you are lazy and don’t want to so you find the most convenient way to do it.  If you are maybe starting something new. If you wanted to start you would be already started. If you simply want to put more emphasis and value on letting people know you are starting something than actually doing it, then you simply “don’t actually want to do it” that’s why your business or training program isn’t working. 

I get it. Life and circumstances genuinely make things difficult. That’s why you begin anywhere. Even a reluctant Google search on your idea is SOMETHING. Just begin. It’s that simple.