Did I clickbait you? Yes, but really, I did officially give up. I gave up on letting the opinions of others control me and stop me from being the person I truly am and enjoying my life and navigating what is really important and a priority: My happiness.

The day I officially gave up, I can say was around 2012 when I committed to modelling. Despite the thoughts around being a male model (and in hindsight the thoughts about being a male model where exclusive to the group of friends) I had at the time, the things my “friends” at the time said about it really put me off in a major way, it was something I wanted to do and knew I could do but ended up doing it anyway (albeit in secret at first), but then after I just came out with it.

I gave up on committing my attention to the friends and people I had around me at the time and guess what? Soon I stopped hearing the negative comments and opinions about male modelling. I got to meet and befriend the most beautiful and talented people in the world of modelling, and find opportunities which have really laid the foundation of what I am doing to this day.

The point I am trying to make here is that you should never listen to a prediction or opinion that doesn’t empower you. Positive or negative. If someone is showing some concern regarding an idea you want to pursue, unless their point and opinion serves to motivate or empower you in some way, do not listen to it. I think to myself constantly what my life would have been like, had I not taken up athletics or modelling, what if I didn’t go to school to study, what if I said no instead of yes.

I look back not for nostalgia but for when I am having a bad day, we all have them. For me when I am feeling like absolute cr%p, I take a moment to reflect on all the good things that have happened to me. Staying motivated is important when you’re pursuing your goals and dreams. As human beings we are complicated and have different emotional and personal conflicts we navigate daily.

Surrounding yourself with the people who carry the right energy and have a similar mindset can go a long way. Or just be alone! Only you know yourself better than anyone, and only you can tell yourself to actually do something. You can listen to all the motivational speakers in the world but it will still come down to you to make that decision to take action and better yourself and change what is wrong about you or your situation.

Being alone can help make those decisions easier instead of listening to multiple opinions form a bunch of people that don’t really know who you are. At those critical junctures in your life when the pressure and stress pile up, its is not only important to surround yourself with the people that make you feel better and give off a good energy, but it is also important to learn to make decisions on your own. Decisions that benefit you and are for you! Not for the benefit of someone else, or the opinions of the many. But decisions that make you ultimately happy and help you live at peace.