I am going to keep this super short. Normally people are swiping up from a link in my story feed on Instagram (@loyisom) or my facebook and don’t want to sit through a bloated food post. So in the pursuit of quick and punchy post (especially for food recipes and ideas) here it is:

For those of you that know me, you will know I love smoothies. Simply out of pure laziness in the mornings sometimes, because I simply find making a good breakfast too much work, so my smoothies are the life hack I live by and strive to perfect! This is a red grape smoothie bowl!

Blend 2 frozen bananas, handful of red grapes, 1 Tbsp coconut cream, 2 Tbsp of pomegranate powder in a high speed blender until creamy.
Then top it off with frosty jumbo red grapes, glazed hibiscus flower, coconut cubes and dragonfruit balls! Enjoy!