OK So it just hit me! I’ve been encouraging everyone to go to the AFCON Qualifiers with me and then asking them to buy tickets… to join me… yeah it is South Africa after all neh. So and as it was so pointed out, tickets are expensive, the rand, Trump, what, what… yeah, yeah, yeah. I hear you!

Soooooo how about this. I have decided that I am giving away 2 tickets to the AFCON Qualifiers, because I just simply believe so much in what I have been preaching and posting about the past few days, and I am walking the walk! Yes, and I’ll be there. I am going to give away 2 tickets to two people to come and join me this Saturday at the AFCON qualifiers between South Africa and Nigeria.

How do you get them? simple: First of all, it’s a free giveaway I don’t want your money! Follow me on Instagram @loyisom and twitter @loyisomantanga, then like or comment your name or anything on my AFCON Giveaway post on both platforms. 

You didn’t think I was just going to make it easy? I want to give these tickets away to people who are just as passionate as I am about supporting my country!

Bonus points for those that screen grab my IG story OR post about the giveaway and tag me in their Instagram stories! You will definitely have the greatest chance if you do this on top.

Winners will be announced this evening at 8pm! I will contact you myself and we can meet, hang out and enjoy the soccer!