Its No Secret, I hate eating Banana, not the taste, but the way it feels in my mouth. As a fruit it is the holy grail of keeping the hunger at bay over a fast paced day filled with not just training but thinking and working.

When I discovered the smoothie recipe it changed the game, I was able to combine the banana flavour with peanut butter and loose the dry taste of oats (Something i absolutely hate to eat but have to for health reasons…sigh)

But I digress, here is the awesome recipe that is easy to do. You will need a blender!


-1 large or two small Bananas,

-Peanut Butter or Peanuts and raisins (you can use one or the either or like me both!),

-Jungle Oats or any Oats,


Peel the banana (Obviously) and break it up into pieces and chuck it into the blender, add a half cup of oats in, a half cup of milk and a spoon of peanut butter or half a cup of peanuts and raisins.

The mix will look a bit nasty but, blend it up and watch it get tasty! Blend the mix for like 2-5 min depending on how powerful your blender is. When done just put it in a bowl or glass, shaker whatever you want to put in and enjoy!