I have been modelling, well since 2005, my first show was for HUB kids, I walked a runway for them for two years at my high school in grade 8 and 9 and another stint in 2007 but my modelling career took a stall between 2007-2009. Why? I started falling more and more in love with sport, and in my adolescent years, modelling was stigmatized when a guy did it, and granted I was a victim of peer pressure, but I just kept away from it through high school and never gave it a second thought until later in life.
It was really only after matric did I look into it again. Watching America’s next top model really got me into it and having my mom encouraging me was a great help. She got me into modeling classes by 2010 and in 2011 I signed for my first agency and there I was modeling every week. No real work came of it, I just learnt more and more about presenting myself, learning how to speak publicly and just being confident and comfortable in my own skin.
I suffered a lot of low self-esteem when it came to my body, I was really skinny and even playing rugby didn’t take that away. (I was 52kgs in matric playing wing for the 1st team!) Yeah I came out of that season with 10 sprained fingers and had a regular trip to the chiropractor and physio weekly! But I survived. My body was never something I was proud of which is why I think I took to modeling as a way to try and beat that monster down, and even today, I have no problem showing my body off, and I am a bit insecure about it, but I am not ashamed of the way I look like at all!
By 2012/13 after a portfolio shoot with Rory Baker, I walked into the doors of my current agency ICE Models (After trying every year since 2010) and finally got a contract with them. I remember very well meeting Tracy and Monica and finally getting the nod of approval and boy did my world change after that! I knew that the journey had only started and there was more work to do and that’s when my journey really started and the world of modelling and athletics really came together and paved the way for the opportunities id get later in life and for that I will always be grateful.
The world of modeling is one that introduced me to the most diverse and unique individuals I have ever met and the most wonderful souls who truly believe in their art and way of life. It was and is an amazing thing to be in the world of modeling and fashion. I have met many photographers, designer and fellow models and a lot of them have become life-long friends to this day. I’ll talk more about my journey soon, for now this is all I am leaving here :).