The one thing that I learnt in modelling school was how to represent a brand, from the way you wear the clothes to the way you talk about it, I had full PR training and I am glad I did. Starting out in athletics, I didn’t have any funding for it. It was something I loved to do and despite how supportive my mom was about what I wanted to pursue in life, she was a strong believer in proving your commitment before any help was provided. So I found myself taking taxi’s and walking to training everyday out of my own pocket and saving and working to be able to attend training and even at that I could only attend 2-3 times a week while the rest of my training group trained 6 days a week. This is why I needed sponsors. It didn’t have to be a big brand or company but someone or something that can help pay for the travel costs and kit etc.
The only thing my mom first bought me was a pair of running shoes one size too big and the rest was up to me, I had to run against athletes with spikes and all the right gear and boy was it hard. Thankfully my modeling and part time work between campus and running kept the walking to a minimum and I was always in the hunt for sponsors, I simply couldn’t ask mom for extra money, I had to make a plan. Granted it made things substantially harder but I am glad I went through it because it made me value my athletics more and the commitment I was making to it.
After years of hard work injuries and medals and a championship in the bag I managed to get a sponsor and a few more things found their way into my life that made things a lot easier and I am very proud and grateful every day to be a Puma athlete and a part of their amazing family.