I love to train, I love working out, but what I love most is hitting the gym. Yet I can never find myself completely motivated to go to it very day! I know its weird right? I spend most of my time running, training for the next season every year and as a sprinter it is very important to combine both strength work and cardio vascular fitness into a program, but I always find myself hating the long walk to gym and then completely falling in love with working out in the gym. <br>

This sets up the problem for me, how can I get to gym without getting to gym? Confusing right? Not really. There are some workouts you can’t avoid and need a gym, like dead-lifting and most Olympic lifting exercises, which normally constitute dropping weights on the floor and quick powerful movements, the limiting factor here is due to the fact that not every house can accommodate dropping weights on the floor, and if you live in an apartment, it’s a no go at all! <br>

Everything else I believe can be done with a R2000+ set of dumbbells a barbell, and bench. It’s a lot f money but honestly if you’re a committed athlete like me, these costs are investments and not wasted expenses. I mean have you seen how much a good pair spikes cost? And the only last a season or two if you treat them well.<br>

But I digress. There are many, many exercises that can be done to replace a lot of the workouts you can do in a gym, which is what I have been doing on the days I don’t or can’t go to the gym. You don’t need a gym to do core work! Get an exercise ball, band or whatever for a few Hundred rand and enjoy. Sit-ups are even more amazing…because they are free!

A lot of people fall short of getting active because they commit the idea of getting in shape with getting into gym and I get it, you can take out a gym contract but what’s the point if you can’t go every day and you are not committed, your money is basically getting fit for you and you are wasting away. <br>

What my love, hate relationship with gym has taught me, is the value of working out at home. I have a very intense workout regime and I find myself getting a lot of my strength work done at home and for the big stuff I am in the gym like a priest on a Sunday every week! My advice is, don’t stress going to gym if you aren’t ready to commit to it, even the best don’t feel like going sometimes but the pro’s push anyway. For the average person, a well-researched home workout and a few dumbbells can go a very long way!